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We thank you for taking the time to come and visit our page! We are honored that you have considered us or inquired about our ministries.

We are a small country church located in the West Michigan countryside. The church was established and built back in 1964. It originally was a small church building, but we are in the midst of adding a large building addition to the property. We hope to be able to use this for the children's ministries and other events of the church.

If you are travelling through, we would like to invite you to attend any and all of our services! If you live or are moving to the area, we would invite you to consider joining us and our church community. We believe strongly in the fellowship of the local church, and encourage the support of one another in brotherly love.

Again, thank you for coming to our site, and please enjoy reading over the content and information we have provided here for your benefit.

It is our prayer that we'll see you soon!

Lord Bless
Pastor Young