Ministry to Adults


Discipleship refers to the lifelong process of following the Lord Jesus Christ. From the moment you are born again, you start a journey of knowing and honoring God. Scripture makes it clear this journey takes place in the local church. Events and ministries at Bridgeton Baptist Church are made available to help adults grow to their full potential in Christ.

Weekly meetings

Attending meetings of the church is where you will discover many truths about God and how to apply them to your life. You'll enjoy singing to the Lord, fellowshipping with other believers, praying and giving together as a church. Faithfulness in gathering together as a church is one of the primary ways that you can grow in the Lord.

Adult Bible Classes

Sunday School is not just for kids! It’s an exciting hour geared to guide adults to grow to mature disciples of Jesus Christ. We call it the “Disciple’s Guide” and we want to help you grow to be more like our Lord Jesus Christ.